Drawing deep inspiration and motivation from the timeless philosophy and architectural genius of sustainable-building pioneer architect Laurie Baker, Space .A.R.T was founded by architects Vinod Cyriac and Anita Choudhuri. It has been Space .A.R.T’s endeavour ever since to bring together like-minded individuals to translate homesteads that blend into their surroundings. Pondering upon the lift heights of human achievement, one marvels at the simplicity that is common to them all.A simplicity that distinguishes the incomparable from the merely ordinary. The simplicity that so wondrously pervades nature, throughout its breadth and majesty.It is the simplicity of a dwelling embraced by the nature that we, at SPACE .A.R.T, ever strive to capture in its entirety.

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Architecture, like all organisms in nature, is assured of survival only through its continued adaptability to often-changing and challenging conditions, such as those presented by the geography of the site, project types and client requirements. SPACE .A.R.T’s design and construction methods are able to meet the customer requirements and challenges posed by the environment.

I have my own principles, which I am unwilling abandon. I dislike falsehood and deceit. A building should be truthful. Laurie Baker


Crafted by motivated individuals singly working their resources of talent and determination. Space A.R.T. demonstrates the inestimable power of a team that believes in and implements an idea as one, irrespective of designation and hierarchy. Space A.R.T. is an assembly of some radical and differently thinking individuals.

Ar. Vinod P. Cyriac

Principal Architect

This man is a pack of energy – an architect by profession, a graduate from MIT ( Manipal) .Vinod joined the bandwagon in 1993.He set up practice in 1997 at Calicut in the North Malabar region along with partner Anita. Being a keen planner, his organizational skills, agrarian roots and background has made him an individual with varied interests.
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Ar. Anita Choudhuri

Principal Architect

An architect by profession, a conservationist by passion and a juggler by choice. Anita has in the past 20 years has had stints with writing, played with numbers and administration in the organisation. Though pursuing projects in the heritage sector has always been her interest, whether re innovating old heritage building or planning in historic areas.
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Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it. Rabindranath Tagore


Ar. Akhil

senior architect

Jain joseph

project head


project manager


interior project coordinator


finance head

K.K.S. Siva Prasad (Frmr. IGP)

General manager


Mr. Denny Menon

Manager Admin/Hr


Finance officer


client relations officer

Dinu lal

System administrator

Sarath Chandran

Liasioning Officer


Office Assistant

Ar. Ashwin Vasudev


Pramod Kumar

Senior Project Manager

Ar. Radhika

junior architect

Ms. Akhila

design head

Mr.UB Shinith

design head









Cheif Estimator





Work Space

Our work space opens into a street art gallery – artists get a wall space to display their creation. The panels are dynamic and keep changing. The wall behind opens into studios – looking into each other allowing interaction and flow of ideas....as teams of architects, designers, engineers and site members discuss and renew thoughts.....as Osho said.....” having sown the seed....I leave.....you see to it that the seed does not remain a seed.....’