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Good Earth - Florican Hill

 more... the merrier...GOODEATH FLORICAN HILL

A community of like - minded individuals dwelling together in homes that resonate their passion for everything that's of natures making. Space A.R.T is responsible for creating precisely such groups through its group housing projects with our Villaments one may experience the tranquillity that these residences accord to its inhabitants. With every project  undertaken, new insights are gained. 

A linear site with distinct sloping terrain demanded a site responsive solution. The requirement together with the need to uphold the values of community living led to the creation of "villament" - individual housing units placed around a central courtyard - a green space for each home . Since the linearity of the site did not permit a central court, macro and micro level courts were used to serve the same purpose. Fifteen units on 55 cents of land, a mix of Duplex and single level units with sky gardens and green walls.

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