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The Gender Park

The Gender Park: for a just and equal society

The Gender Park conceived by the Department of Social Justice, Government of Kerala is a platform where the State, Non-Government Organisations (NGO), academia, civil society, and the private sector unite for learning and research on gender equality.. The 24 acre site has existing footprints of the special school ,old age homes for men and women ,juvenile court short stay homes for boys and girls.

The Gender Park will act as a convergence center for gender-related education and activities. The first phase of the work comprises of the Core Block, the Resource Block and the Cultural Center.

The Core Block is the old block which was renovated and kept in its simplicity, as it was here that the Father of the Nation , Mahatma Gandhi had held a prayer meet during the freedom struggle, Forming the heart of the Gender Park, this is to be reused as the exhibition/information area and the library on the upper floor. The Resource block as it converses with the Core block houses the classrooms, conference and administration for the Gender Park.

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