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A space for ART , nurturing a responsible tomorrow.


Drawing deep inspiration and motivation from the timeless philosophy and architectural genius of sustainable – building pioneer architect Laurie Baker- Space A.R.T found its footprint. The founder members are architects Vinod Cyriac and Anita Choudhuri. It has been Space ART’s endeavor ever since to bring together like – minded individuals to translate homesteads that blend into their surroundings.
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Talent recognizes genius. A sentiment expressed eloquently by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle more than a century ago. It is indeed gratifying when one’s abilities and meritorious achievements receive the laurels that are due.


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Golf Link Road, Pachakkil
Mallaparamba (PO), Calicut - 673009

P: +91 495 - 2370290, +91 495 - 2376291
M: +91 9947 482 828